housing outreach services


The Haliwa-Saponi Tribal Housing Department programs are primarily funded by the Native American Housing Assistance Self Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA). NAHASDA, which is administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is a Legislative Act that allows Tribes to direct their own housing programs in order to more effectively serve the housing needs of the tribal community.  


Programs include:

  • Outreach Services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Replacement
  • Counseling Services


The Tribe also owns 30 apartments at Tomahawk Meadows, a house at TOT Properties that provide housing for Tribal members. The TOT housing is open to the public; however, it is currently occupied. Tomahawk Meadows is reserved only for Tribal Citizens.


For the application process to any of these programs contact Housing Services at kharris@haliwa-saponi.com.


P. O. Box Hollister, NC 27844

Phone: 1-252-586-4017

Fax: 1-252-586-1047

Open Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday